Jacques has had much success and specialises in: 

Radiation & Chemotherapy Detoxification,

Sufferers of Dengue Fever,

Working with pets and children.

Goods and services for sale on line and available therapeutic services.

Holistic Life Counselling face to face or on Skype consultation $60.00 per hour. Skype name: smarthealing

Homoeopathic First Aid Kit:

25ml liquid Kit $150.00

25gms Pilules Kit  $170.00

Fleur Sauvage moisturiser and Beauty Cream: A formulation of natural ingredients that consist of Aloe Vera, Carrot Oil, Paw Paw and Avocado.
Benefits: To regenerate the elasticity and radiance of a much more youthful skin. 

$40.00 each.

First Consultation for Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and Chinese medicine $90.00, follow-ups $70.00 for all three modalities. 

Personalised Homoeopathic Medicine delivered to your door by Australia Post.

Our Homoeopathic medicines are administered sub-lingually (under the tongue) as pilules or liquid. 

NES: (Nutri-Energetics Systems) is a Computerised Biotechnological System based on Quantum Logic not the Conventional Logic. It maps the body electromagnetic field to determine if the energy field of the body is in equilibrium. $ 70.00

Remedial Massage: 1/2 hr $60.00; 1hr $80.00; 1 1/2 hr $100.00

Skeletal Alignment: $80.00

Ionic Detox: $50.00

Lymphatic Drainage: $70.00

Initial Naturopathic Consultation (Tongue Diagnosis, Iridology, Pulse Diagnosis, Nail Diagnosis, Palpation): $70.00
Follow ups: $50.00
Initial computerised Homoeopathic Consultation on line. $70.00
Follow ups. $50.00

Contact: jacques@smarthealing.net  for personal advice & sales.

Practitioners' only brand Traditional Chinese Medicines are now available!